Make your dream ring come true with the magic of moissanite.

With moissanite's undisputed beauty, small environmental footprint and cost effectiveness, we have made many dream rings come to life. Moissanite surpasses even diamonds in sparkle and brilliance and is tough enough to last many lifetimes. There is no longer a need to compromise when you are designing your dream ring. Welcome to the world of moissanite.

You are at the center of every step in the process, from initial consultation until final delivery.

We work with you from start to finish to make the ring of your dreams, and you control every step. Our collaborative process starts at consultation where we discuss your vision and showcase our samples, then there are three steps of approval that comprise of..

  • A CAD file confirming your exact design.
  • A video of the cut center stone.
  • A video and photos of your completed ring.

Whether you choose our designs, personalise one of our designs or create a completely custom design, your ring will be made uniquely for you. Each and every piece is custom made, each stone cut to exact measurements, each setting handmade to the highest standards.

Beautiful jewellery is our craft. Customer service is what sets us apart.

Our customers come to us searching for jewellery that is personal and lasting. Every single jewellery piece we create is special to us, because we understand that it is special for you. We are available to answer questions, help with any advice and send you regular updates throughout the production process, so you never have to wonder about what stage we are up to. We are there to support you from first contact to well after you’ve received your special piece.

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