Let’s Introduce Ourselves

The Fancy Cut was founded on the belief that jewellery should be uniquely beautiful, environmentally responsible, and deeply personal.

While we take pride in our artistry, it's our exceptional customer service that truly distinguishes us. Our clients seek lasting, personal jewellery, and every piece we create is a testament to our commitment.

We're here to support you from your initial inquiry well beyond the moment you receive your cherished piece.

  • Timeless

    All our pieces encapsulate modern clean lines and silhouettes, but remain classic in their design. They will look as beautiful when you buy them, as they do generations down the line.

  • Custom

    Every gorgeous piece we create is completely custom and tailored with your chosen specifications. Our jewellery is all hand crafted and the stones are hand cut by expert craftsmen with decades of experience in the industry.

  • Ethical

    We choose to use cultured stones that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Whether it is Moissanite, Cultured Diamonds or Cultured Gems, they have the same optical and chemical make up as their mined counter parts, and in most cases they are of much better quality.